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S03 meets today's requirements for design, economy, flexibility and function.

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    S03 meets today’s requirements for design, economy, flexibility and function. The bookcase has an exciting expression and gives a fresh view of storage. The ladder has powder-coated steel shelves and, if desired, comes with glass, steel or wood end panels. The system allows for special customizations, has approved lighting fixtures and a wide range of accessories. The standard color of the shelves is RAL9016 (pure white), but also available in other colors.

    The S03 also comes with wheels on doublesided sections. A single section consists of two ladders screwed together with spacers. A doublesided section consists of four ladders screwed together with the spacers. The system has a very square foot economic footprint, which means that the shelf occupies very little space beyond the shelf space itself. Single and double sections use 4 adjusting screws (possibly wheels for double sections).

    The system gives the user great freedom to choose a solution that meets the current need. All of the parts are compatible with the various basic modules. The system has a simple and clean expression and the different variants of layout can be nicely used interchangeably and still appear as a whole.

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