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Tailored Solutions

Systemhyller AS is a service-oriented company that emphasizes creating good solutions tailored to each customer. We focus on clarifying needs in the purchasing process and are solution-oriented. This means that we are able to create a product that is tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs.

We have a standard range, but as a specialty shop we are proud to have the opportunity to offer tailor-made and special designs. The right product for the right use is a prerequisite for a good investment.


Systemhyller AS is a well-established company that has manufactured and sold shelf fittings for more than 50 years. Our ambition is to deliver solid and modern library, office and storage facilities at a reasonable price. We have a wide customer base consisting of both private and public companies.

We are confident in our products and our employees, and pride ourselves in delivering good quality at the right time. Our motto: Satisfied customers with order in the ranks!

Order in the ranks of quality



Over 50 years of experience

Systemhyller AS started with the production of interior solutions more than 50 years ago and have continuously adapted and improved our products to the different storage needs in the market.


Norwegian quality

We are proud to be able to maintain our production in Norway. Today this is done at our own premises in Drammen.


Customized solutions

We have shelf systems for every need: Stores, offices, libraries and warehouses. All our systems are also very flexible and have a wide range of accessories.


Competitive prices

Since we produce all parts ourselves, we have no expensive intermediaries. This benefits customers with low prices without compromising on quality.


Quality at all levels

Furnishings from Systemhyller are made of high quality steel. Large parts of the product range are manufactured in-house. We possess great expertise, ability to deliver and over 50 years of experience.


Satisfied customers with order in the ranks!

Our ambition is that you will experience us as a service-oriented company that puts effort into creating good solutions for you and your business. We focus on important areas such as clarification of needs in the purchasing process and are solution-oriented. The right product for proper use is a prerequisite for a good investment. Quality of products, proper delivery at the right time, and service-minded employees are all important elements to make you happy as a customer.


Proven solutions

Systemhyller AS have heavy references in all industries over 50 years.